• Bio-Supramolecular Solvents (bioSUPRAS)

    Green solvents at everyone’s reach. BioSUPRAS are designed to boost extraction capabilities in each application

  • Target and non-target analysis of organic contaminants

    Extraction and sample cleanup in a single step. Multimode extraction for multiresidue analysis with a variety of techniques (e.g.LC-IMS-QTOF, LCxLC-QTOF, UHPLC-QQQ, LC-QTRAP, GC-MS, etc.). Greener, faster, simpler and cost-effective sample treatment

  • Sustainable extraction of bioactive ingredients from vegetal biomass

    BioSUPRAS made up of edible ingredients are used for the extraction of bioactives from plants, microalgae and agro-industrial residues. The final products are easily applicable in industry.


Research at SAC team focuses on the design and synthesis of green tailored supramolecular solvents (SUPRAS) as an efficient alternative to petroleum-derived solvents in extraction processes. The tailored SUPRAS have unique features for increasing efficiency and selectivity in a profitable and sustainable way for the development of products and processes. Our developments focus on providing new solutions and tools in two major areas; the target and non-target analysis of organic contaminants in environmental, food and biological samples and the isolation of bioactive ingredients from plants, microalgae and agrifood industrial residues.


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